Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

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Olaplex—repairs all types of hair damage

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner—Protects and repairs damaged hair, split ends and frizz by re-linking broken bonds. The N°5 Bond Maintenance™️ Conditioner is a highly-moisturizing, reparative conditioner for all hair types and leaves hair easy to manage, shiny, and healthier with each use. It is color-safe, leaves hair stronger than ever, and benefits all hair types and textures.

重新连接断裂的头发,保护和修复受损的头发,发梢和毛躁。 N°5 Bond Maintenance™️护发素是一种高保湿,修复型护发素,适用于所有类型的头发,每次使用时都易于理顺,光泽和健康。 它具有颜色安全性,可以使头发比以往更结实,并有益于所有类型和质地的头发。

All Hair Types

PH Balanced


Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

Nut Free

Paraben Free

Phthalates Free

Phosphate Free

Sulfate Free


Free of DEA, Aldehydes and Formaldehyde


Focus on ends and distribute evenly.

Formulated for daily/ every wash use.