La Biosthetique Methode Sensitive Shampooing Lipokerine E

La Biosthetique Methode Sensitive Shampooing Lipokerine E

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Methode Sensitive — relaxing scalp treatment

Shampooing Lipokerine E — Mild and gentle cleansing for scalp and hair. Normalizes the scalp environment, alleviate irritation and redness. Lipoamino acids work actively to reconstruct damaged hair.

舒缓抗敏洗发露 -活性维生素B5可愈合头皮发炎,温和洗净并有效舒缓头皮不适,防止头发静电,使头发容易梳理。


  • Fatty acid condensate with oat protein amino acids: gently cleanse and rebuild stressed hair
  • Frankincense: calming
  • Physiologically active panthenol: boosts the healing of irritated scalps.
  • Guar bean polysaccharide: improves the hair‚Äôs combability and softness.
  • Sugar surfactant: mild and gentle cleansing


Brush hair out and moisten with warm water. Distribute approx. 7-10 ml of Shampooing Lipokérine E along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in to the scalp. Lather up the hair again with water and then rinse. If necessary, can be performed a second time.