La Biosthetique Methode Pellicules Shampoo Epicelan Purifiant

La Biosthetique Methode Pellicules Shampoo Epicelan Purifiant

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Methode Pellicules — anti-dandruff treatment

Shampooing Epicelan Purifiant—Provides gentle cleansing, antiseptic properties alleviate irritation, redness and itching, frees the scalp from dandruff and prevents recurrence.
净屑洗发露 - 抗菌配方,能温和洁净头皮,去除多余的头皮屑,同时阻止新头皮屑形成,立即舒缓发炎及痕痒


  • Condensate from fatty acids of coconut oil and wheat protein amino acids:
  • Complexe Pellicules: improves the scalp environment and reduces dandruff
  • Panthenol: regenerates and strengthens
  • Bisabolol: calming
  • Allantoin: protects the cells, smoothens the hair structure and is highly moisturising
  • Algae extract: moisturising
  • Tea tree oil: disinfecting


Moisten hair and scalp with water. Distribute approx. 10 ml Shampooing Epicélan Purifiant along the parting of the whole scalp and lightly massage in. Then lather with water and rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.