La Biosthetique Dry Hair Shampoo

La Biosthetique Dry Hair Shampoo

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Dry hair —shiny vitality

Dry hair shampoo — The gentle moisturising shampoo puts an end to wiry, brittle and dry hair and restores its wonderful softness, silky shine and protection. In addition, it magically gives your hair a calm structure.

干性洗发水—温和的保湿洗发水可消除秀发的变脆,发脆和干燥,并恢复其出色的柔软度,丝滑光泽和保护作用。 此外,它神奇地使您的头发具有镇定的结构


  • Coconut surfactant: provides particularly mild cleansing
  • Sugar beet betaine: protects the hair, stabilises the sensitive moisture balance
  • Black oat extract: contains important amino acids, trace elements and minerals. These adhere to the skin surface with a moisture-binding protective film and noticeably improve the elasticity
  • Soy lecithin: is oil-replenishing, smoothens the damaged cuticle and results in brilliant softness
  • Plant active ingredients from the desert rose: regulate the hair‚Äôs delicate moisture balance


Moisten hair, distribute evenly, lather and rinse thoroughly. And you’re done!