La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Therapie Anti -Chute Plus

La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Therapie Anti -Chute Plus

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Dermosthetique Anti-Age —cell-active anti-aging scalp treatment

Therapie Anti -Chute Plus — Regenerates the tissues of the hair roots on all levels, slows down the aging of the hair follicle, fights against hair loss, significantly improves hair thickness and quality



  • Larch wood polyphenols, green tea glycoside and zinc reactivate the formation of young stem cells and neutralise free radicals, thus resulting in increased hair density.
  • Burdock root extract, ginseng extract, vitamins and trace elements lastingly improve the anagen/telogen ratio for more hair in the growth phase.
  • Phyto cell extracts from apples protect the stem cells and extend their active life cycle.
  • Red sage extract and Vitamin B3 completely reduce the hardening of the tissue caused by deposited sugars, which is extremely damaging for the hair follicle. By doing so, they make the skin more youthful and elastic and provide the best growth conditions for the hair.
  • Glyco cell extracts from bearberry and Indian padauk protect collagen cells against glycation.
  • Biomimetic peptide acts as a pigmentation booster and supports the restoration of the natural hair colour.


For optimum results, we recommend daily application over a period of three months, followed by use as a subsequent treatment once to twice a week in combination with Elixir Anti-Chute Premium. APPLICATION FOR PROPHYLAXIS AND AGE-RELATED WEAKENING HAIR GROWTH: If there is a recognisable family tendency to hair loss, we recommend an ongoing preventative treatment with 1–2 ampoules a week, ideally also in combination with Elixir Anti-Chute Premium. The same applies for age-related weakened hair. Application after washing: Apply the contents of the ampoule along the parting and lightly massage in with your fingertips.