La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Elixir Anti-Grey

La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Elixir Anti-Grey

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Dermosthetique Anti-Age —cell-active anti-aging scalp treatment

Elixir Anti-Grey The hair is revitalised and regains its natural strength. Without the use of artificial colour pigments, the hair gains and maintains the youthful radiance of its natural hair colour.

头发恢复活力并恢复其自然强度。 在不使用人造色素的情况下,头发会获得并保持其自然发色的年轻光彩。


  • A clinically tested biomimetic peptide acts as a pigmentation booster.
  • A plant extract of candle bush combats aging processes in the hair papilla, prevents the formation of hydrogen peroxide and thus consistently protects against pigment loss.
  • A mineral energiser from the medicinal gemstone malachite supplies the hair papilla and thus the hair with vital trace elements.


Apply daily. Shake before use! Distribute the contents of 1-2 pipettes (at least 3 ml) after shampooing or, separate from shampooing, on to the scalp and lightly massage in. Leave-in product! Ideally, leave on overnight. Apply this every day for the first three months. Regular application ensures success.