La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Anti-Pelliculaire Lotion Apaisant

La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Anti-Pelliculaire Lotion Apaisant

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ermosthetique Anti-Pelliculaire — intensive dandruff treatment

Lotion Apaisant —Deep action anti-dandruff therapy instantly calms reactions from stress. Hyperactive scalps are soothed and the scalp's balance returns to normal.



  • Zinc pyrithione and Complexe Pellicules: reduces the dandruff-triggering microbes and boosts the formation and maturation of healthy keratin cells
  • Active ingredient complex of pepper fruits, Inga Alba bark and mimosa: revitalises and stabilises the scalp and actively prevents the formation of new dandruff
  • Extracts of liquorice and oat active ingredients: calm the scalp
  • A new kind of tetrapeptide: reduces the risk of inflammations, calms the stressed scalp and increases the scalp‚Äôs resistance
  • Horse chestnut and liquorice: soothe inflammation and encourage rapid healing
  • Panthenol: calms the scalp
  • Caffeine: strengthens the hair roots and improves the scalp circulation
  • Allantoin: protects the cells, smoothens the hair structure and is highly moisturising


After washing, ideally with Shampooing Apaisant, apply approx. 5 ml of Lotion Apaisante along the parting of the scalp and gently massage in. Do not rinse – Leave-in product.