Framesi Morphosis Sublimis Pure Oil

Framesi Morphosis Sublimis Pure Oil

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Morphosis Sublimis Oil —sublime softening illuminating treatment

Sublimis Pure Oil —(no-rinse/liquid gold) protection and activation treatment, combined with the incomparable advantages of argan oil and vitamin E, the combination of UV filters meets the needs of different types of hair: not only can moisturize hair, but also Activate cells to prevent scalp and hair from aging.

It keeps dry, fragile hair strands moisturizing and moisturizing.
Rebuild hair texture for dyed and perm . Delay the aging of mature scalp and hair.


  • XTRACT OF CERTIFIED ORGANIC FRUIT that nourish the shaft in depth
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC BAOBAB OIL, with specific shining, hydrating and nourishing qualities
  • VITAMIN E, anti-oxidizer of proven effects
  • BETAINE, hydrating and revitalizing
  • PANTHENOL, hydrating, softening provitamin


Apply before and/or after drying to shine hair, hydrate it and control static electricity.