Framesi Morphosis Scalp Refresh Spray

Framesi Morphosis Scalp Refresh Spray

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Morphosis Scalp Control — scalp care treatment

Refresh Spray — (no-rinse/after-washing conditioning contains vitamin H, zinc-PCA, moisturizing factor and lemon, phase orange, activating and refreshing the scalp.
Regulating the scalp has anti-dandruff , Antibacterial deodorization and sebum regulation.
Moisturizing and moisturizing and soothing cleansing, to avoid dry hair, damage, treatment and conditioning, and to prevent scalp aging.


  • EXTRACT OF LEMON, ORANGE AND POMEGRANATE, refreshing and softening
  • SHEA BUTTER, softening for scalp and hair
  • MENTHOL, refreshing and deodorizing
  • BETAINE TMG, hydrating and nourishing


After towel-drying hair, spray on scalp by zones and massage delicately.
Do not rinse.