Framesi Morphosis Destress Shampoo

Framesi Morphosis Destress Shampoo

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Morphosis Destress —soothing treatment for stressed and sensitive scalp

Destress shampoo —is specially formulated for sensitive scalp. Containing glucose and a variety of functions to calm and promote cell activation, and also normalize epidermal repair, oxygen activation and mosturizing .Provides soothing calmness and protection against oxygen activation. Refreshing and moisturizing, promote scalp relaxation.


  • EXTRACT OF LIQUORICE ROOT that relieves irritated scalp discomfort
  • MENTHOL, refreshing and soothing, for instant relief
  • VITAMIN E; protects and repairs the scalp and fights the free radicals
  • DELICATE surfactants, ideal for dry, sensitive skins
  • ALLANTOIN, favours scalp regeneration
  • BETAINE, to hydrate and regenerate cells
  • HYALURONIC: hydrates the skin helping it recover tone and softness


Spread over scalp and on wet hair.
Massage gently and rinse well.