Framesi Morphosis Densifying Energyzing Spray

Framesi Morphosis Densifying Energyzing Spray

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Morphosis Densifying — anti hair loss treatment

Energyzing Spray —will be apple cell extract, propolis, royal jelly, blueberry extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein, lemon essential oil, menthol to nourish and revitalize the scalp; strengthen hair (root) structure. Efficacy: a. Activate hair mother cell growth and enhance cell metabolism b. Prevents the growth of bacteria and restores the normal physiological balance of the scalp and hair. C. Promote the activation of melanocytes and maintain normal keratinous structure.



  • GINGER, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and bacteriostatic
  • INCENSE, rich in hydrating, nourishing, conditioning polysaccharides
  • RED GRAPE, exfoliating and a regulator of sebum
  • ARGININE, with a vasodilator effect on the scalp that repairs the hair shaft
  • VITAMIN B6, BETAINE AND TAURINE, natural molecules with a nourishing action on scalp and hair, a texturizing action on hair shaft, a refreshing, soothing action on the scalp


After towel-drying hair, spray on scalp by zones and massage delicately.
Do not rinse.