Framesi Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo

Framesi Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo

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Morphosis Color Protect —for longer lasting color

Color Protect Shampoo —nourishes and protects hair color. Containing inulin, vitamin E, coral extract and other ingredients, it is particularly effective for hair washing formula and effect. MORPO effect: a. It provides top-notch protection for rebuilding the structure of dyed hair and creates
moisturizing feeling for hair. Nourishes and protects color, enhances gloss and soft and smooth hair
Protect hair from ultraviolet rays, ion clips and high heat from hair dryers


  • VITAMIN E, anti-ageing, anti-free radicals
  • INULIN, with hydrating power
  • QUATERNIUM-22, heat protection
  • SHES BUTTER, softening and disentangling


Pour the shampoo in your hands and apply from roots to ends massaging for a few minutes to favour penetration of the main principles.
Rinse with warm water and repeat.