Framesi Morphosis Balance Shampoo

Framesi Morphosis Balance Shampoo

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Morphosis Balance —treatment for oily scalp

Balance Shampoo —contains Vitamin H, Zinc-PCA and Menthol Organic Lemon Shampoo to make you feel fresh and comfortable.
Mildly moisturizes the scalp, restores the balance of oil and deodorizes bacteria.
Soothing and moisturizing, creating a gentle sense of cleansing


  • LEMON EXTRACT, astringent and degreasing
  • MENTHOL, refreshing and deodorizing


Pour the shampoo between your hands and spread it over a wet scalp.
Massage with circular movements, pressing slightly with your fingertips to remove sebum deposits and dead cells.
Rinse and repeat applying it to lengths.
End with a careful rinse.