Framesi Color Method Ultra Violet Shampoo

Framesi Color Method Ultra Violet Shampoo

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Framesi Color Method —for longer lasting color

Ultra Violet Shampoo—Hydrating, illuminating shampoo for white, grey, blonde and highlighted hair. Thanks to the violet pigment, it maintains the cold effect with an effective anti-yellow action.

保湿、亮泽的洗发水,适用于白色、灰色、金色和突出的头发。 由于紫罗兰色颜料,它通过有效的抗黄作用保持寒冷效果。


  • Fermented organic extract of Calendula and Green Tea
  • Vitamin E, anti-oxidant, hydrating and soothing
  • SODIUM PCA, increases skin and hair softness and elasticity improving the color yield and hold, and hair manageability and final appearance
  • Specific surfactants to cleanse lightened hair
  • Balanced, anti-yellowing violet pigment


Pour the shampoo in your hands and apply from roots to ends massaging for a few minutes to favour penetration of the main principles.
Rinse with warm water and repeat.