Framesi Morphosis Sublimis Oil Shampoo

Framesi Morphosis Sublimis Oil Shampoo

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Morphosis Sublimis Oil—sublime softening illuminating treatment

Sublimis Oil Shampoo—The ultimate shampoo with a natural PH value of 5.5, betaine, vitamin E and organic lemon extract, has a moisturizing effect. The mild surfactant of argan oil brings a delicate, rich, aromatic and pleasant texture.
Improve hair structure, increase fiber thickness and moisturizing effect. Improve scalp elasticity, protect and prevent scalp aging.


  • EXTRACT OF CERTIFIED ORGANIC FRUIT that nourish the shaft in depth
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC BAOBAB OIL, with specific shining, hydrating and nourishing qualities
  • VITAMIN E, anti-oxidizer of proven effects
  • BETAINE, hydrating and revitalizing
  • PANTHENOL, hydrating, softening provitamin


Massage the shampoo from roots to ends, working more on any dry areas. Leave on for a few minutes to allow the main principles to penetrate the shaft, and then rinse well with warm water. Repeat if needed.